Spectrum Communications, established in 2003 is an OEM Manufacturer of Microwave Radio Systems and a leading System Integrator providing complete IT and Telecom Solutions to Network Operators, Mobile Operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the Middle East and Africa Region.

In addition to its core product of Microwave Radios, the company has partnerships with other well known organization’s to complete its portfolio for a solution to Network Operators.



Vision & Mission

Our Vision is  to become Premier Provider of Complete Turnkey Telecommunications Partner to Network Operators in the Middle East and Africa

“To provide World Class Products and Services to Esteemed Clients.”

Main Products

Spectrum Communications supports complete Turnkey and Semi-Turnkey Solutions.

Products and Services include: Point to Point Digital Microwave Radios, PDH and SDH Add/Drop Multiplexers, Rectifiers and Standby Batteries, Installation Accessories, Installation, Commissioning and Training.

Product & Services

Application for the Radios include 3G, 3G/GSM, GSM, Wimax and Fixed Line Transport of TDM and Ethernet Data Transport.

Primary Products

Spectrum Communications provides complete Turnkey Transmission Solution including a range of Point to Point Digital Microwave Radios for use in Fixed and Mobile Communication Networks.

Secondary Products

The Gel Series of Batteries incorporates selected design features for the cost conscious user, whilst offering superior performance by weight and volume compared to traditional Gel Batteries.

Turn-Key Services

Spectrum Communications can handle any type of Telecom and IT related Project under one roof.