Maintenance Free Batteries


The Spectrum Communications’ VRLA valve regulated Gel Batteries have been designed to offer competitive services for the expanding requirements in the Mobile and other standby markets. The design and specifications make Spectrum Gel Batteries suitable for other sectors such as emergency lighting.

The Gel Series of Batteries incorporates selected design features for the cost conscious user, whilst offering superior performance by weight and volume compared to traditional Gel Batteries.

Why choose our Gel Batteries

Spectrum Batteries are designed using proven gas recombination technology which eliminates the need for regular water addition by controlling the evolution of Hydrogen and Oxygen during charging. Gas recombination provides the user with the freedom to use lead acid batteries is a wide range of applications.

The minimal level of Gas evolution allows battery installation in cabinets or on stands, or in offices or near main equipment, maximizing space utilization and reducing storage and maintenance costs. Care must be taken to ensure that there is adequate ventilation in accordance with regulations.