Digital Microwaves Radios
Transmission connectivity for mobile and fixed line operators supporting from 2E1 up to 16E1 PDH Radios and 63E1 SSDH Radios.
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Compression System
DCME (Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment) integrates DSI, VBR, LRE technologies to multiply the traffic capacity of Digital E1 Circuits.
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Spectrum SDH STM1
SSDH155 is a STM-1 optical transmission system, whose performance complies with relevant and current ITU-T recommendations for SDH Transmission.
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TDM over IP Converter
F5-13xx can transmit 1~8 E1 channel over the IP networks. The device supports framed and unframed E1 channel, and support all of the traditional E1 and IP services.
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Gel Type Batteries
The Spectrum Communications' VRLA valve regulated Gel Batteries have been designed to offer competitive services for the expanding requirements.
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Encrypted PD for GSM
The CP-1000 cipher PDA is a revolutionary new product from GME, combining fully encrypted communication with full PDA functionality.
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