Installation Works And Services


Spectrum Communications Demands highest level of excellence from its people. Most of our Engineers are hired through employee referrals and extensive interviews. Area of expertise is the key factor in our strategies.
We at Spectrum, Strictly believe in specialization of the job. Hence we see to it that only a person with exclusive expertise in certain field is given that particular job. Understanding the revolutionary technical enhancement and ever-changing faces of the telecommunication, our people are constantly exposed to newer versions of the technologies through seminars, meetings, and exclusive training sessions conducted by the recognized experts.

Why Choose Spectrum Communications

Working with Spectrum Communications means complete TELECOM INSTALLATION (TI) from planning till final Installation with utmost precision & professionalism. Be it Mobile or fixed line Installation, we assure the timely & perfect installations owing to our State-Of-The-Art setup & a professional team of experts.

Transmission Equipment Installations

Scope Of Work For Transmission Equipment Installation

  • Unpacking of the material (rack/equipment/antenna) and preparing a list of received

  • Grout and support the rack to the wall or ceiling or the cable tray as available.

  • Rounding the Rack, check with multimeter.

  • Mounting the DC PDB.

  • Installation of the Subrack.

  • DDF installation and its grounding, confirm with multimeter. Power and BW7R cabling of the Subrack and termination of the same to the PDB.

  • PCM cable laying and its punching to the DDF.

  • Laying the Optical Patch Cord.

  • Laying and termination of cable for external clock, if necessary..

BTS Installations

  • Placing and grouting the BTS as per marking and layout plan.

  • Proper grounding of BTS.

  • Connecting power cable and grounding cable from rectifier i.e. extending power for BTS.

  • Fixing the feeder cable entry plate at desired place as per layout plan.

  • Preparation and connecting feeder cable on BTS top.

  • Connecting surge protector (EMP) at joint of jumper and feeder cable.

  • Connecting other end of the surge arrestor by preparing connector on jumper cable and connecting the jumper cable with proper connector to the port on the BTS.

  • All cable and connector are to be properly identified with standard identification tags.

  • It will be ensured that site is properly cleaned after completion of installation tasks.

Microwave Installations

  • Making the exact position of the MW rack on the shelter floor as per the standard layout keeping in view the positioning of battery bank, rectifier, ACDB, air conditioners and feeder entry plate and cable tray.

  • Install the MW Indoor unit (IDU) on the MW rack.

  • Proper grounding of MW equipment, MW rack.

  • Connecting Power cable from rectifier to Microwave equipment i.e. extending power to the MW equipment.

  • Connectorization of cable links.

Other Services

Network Maintenance

This includes maintaining of OFC route, jobs of Blowing, Splicing, Jointing, Link Test, Termination, and Installation of GSM & CDMA collectively or separately. With an outstanding Infrastructure & a team of experts in respective fields, Spectrum is committed to TOTAL MAINTENANCE SOLUTION.

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