Microwave Radios

Spectrum’s microwave solution based on packet technology is an excellent platform for telecom operators to use in both the backbone and access parts of their networks.

DMRX ’s UNMATCHED Capabilities

  • Highest capacities – EVER – in a microwave radio up to 4Gbps (uncompressed) per radio

  • Modulations up to 4096QAM with ultra-wide channel bandwidth operation up to 240MHz per carrier

  • Quad carriers supported in a single compact all-outdoor radio

  • Enhanced range and modulation performance using built-in advanced pre-distortion

  • Customer-replaceable diplexers for maximum cost savings/flexibility

  • Integrated OMT, coupler, and dual wave guide radio options

  • First to support two frequency bands in a single all-outdoor radio

  • High Band or Low Band operation supported by a single radio

  • Dual 10GbE interfaces

  • Radio Link Aggregation to intelligently distribute traffic between transceivers

In summary the platform is ideal for telecom operators looking to build a cost-effective and scalable wireless network. With its advanced features, operators can provide high-speed connectivity to end-users, while also improving network efficiency and reducing costs.

Range of Microwave Radios include


  • Backhaul solution for 4G (LTE/WiMAX) mobile network.

  • Guarantees easy installation and offers seamless compatibility for all IP based operators.

  • Conventional IDU function (modem/switch) incorporate into one box.

  • Considerable reduction of customer OPEX and increase of feasibility without sacrificing performances and reliability.

  • Optional High Power Radio available

communication technology

DMRIP-200S and DMR400IP-400S

  • Robust and durable single-box structure withstands harsh weather conditions and can be easily mounted on towers, rooftops, lamp posts, traffic light poles and small outdoor mobile cell-sites.

  • Enhanced spectrum utilization, low-latency traffic and comprehensive synchronization solution.

  • Compliant with the IEEE 802.1/3 and RFC standards for various Ethernet functionalities.

  • DMRIP-400s follows the same specifications as the DMRIP-200s with double the throughput of the DMRIP-200s.

DMR4G-Lite E-Band Digital Radio

The Spectrum  DMR4G (ETSI) is an all outdoor, IP radio system operating in the 71-86GHz frequency band with capacities up to 3Gbps using 64QAM modulation.

Supporting both POE and direct DC feed, this compact radio system features carrier- grade Ethernet switch functionality, hitless adaptive rate modulation, and low power consumption.

Applications for a Wide Range of Vertical Markets

  • Fiber Network Extension/ Backup

  • Enterprise Multi Gigabit-Connectivity

  • Metro and Aggregation Networks

  • Multi-Dwelling Unit Gigabit Broadband

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DMR-X-ST and

  • Single-transceiver all outdoor, IP radio system operating from 6GHz to 42GHz, modulations to 4096QAM, and ultra- wide bandwidth operation to 112MHz ETSI and 160MHz ANSI.

  • Can operate with either a single carrier or dual sub-carriers to efficiently increase capacity without requiring any additional equipment.

  • Easily and inexpensively field convertible to different sub-bands via user friendly customer replaceable diplexers.

  • Radio sparing only needs to include the base radio resulting in no longer a need

  • Up to 3.2 Gbps per radio using stacked quad sub-carriers

  • Dual transceivers with each transceiver supporting single carrier or stacked dual sub-carrier operation to efficiently increase capacity without adding any more equipment

  • Ultra wide bandwidth operation to 160MHz ANSI and 112MHz ETSI

  • Built-in Advanced Digital Pre-Distortion to drive

  • Adaptable antenna interface supports third party antennas


5 GHz PTP bridge, ideal for: Dedicated Access Backhaul Private networks

  • Flexible center channel and channel width capability (20/40 MHz) for throughput optimization

  • Radio rate of up to 300Mbps

  • True aggregate throughput up to 220 Mbps

  • Advanced proprietary MiMo 2 wireless protocol

  • Advanced proprietary MiMo 2 wireless protocol

  • High packet-per-second (PPS) rate – ideal for VOIP backhaul applications

  • Dual transceivers with each transceiver supporting single carrier or stacked dual sub-carrier operation to efficiently increase capacity without adding any more equipment

Switch for IP Radio

(2+0 Aggregation, Load Balancing, E1

  • Support 2+0 IP radio with load balance function

  • Traffic distribution is based on MAC/IP/Port for Load balance

  • Provides 8 x E1 which are complaint to G.703,G.704,G.8261, G.823 and MEF18

  • 8 x E1(RJ45) with LOS indicator

  • Provide 4-Ethernet ports, 6 GE optical ports, and 2 10/100/1000 Management Ports.

  • Support SAToP and CESoP, compliant to RFC4553,RFC5086,Y.1413,Y.1453,MEF18

  • Clock frequency generation meets 16ppb requirements